Technyflex® Equine Premium Joint Supplement™ 500g Tub

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Technyflex® Equine is a natural joint care treatment for horses that relieves pain due to inflamed joints, arthritis, lameness, and joint injuries.  Technyflex® Equine is made from the greenlipped mussel (Perna canuliculus) that grows only in the pure ocean waters of New Zealand.  This little shellfish offers a unique combination of nutrients that have amazing anti-inflammatory properties.  In fact, scientific research shows that Technyflex® Equine is significantly more effective at inhibiting inflammation than aspirin, ibuprofen or glucosamine/chondroitin supplements.

Technyflex® Equine is used extensively throughout the equestrian and horse racing industries in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  It has also been approved for veterinary use in Australia to treat and alleviate arthritic symptoms. Technyflex® Equine is a natural pain reliever that can help alleviate arthritis symptoms and improve joint strength and flexibility.

Technyflex® Equine is also available in a larger 1 kilogram size which is our most economical option, as well as 100 gram ad 250 gram.  In addition, we have Technyflex® Canine for dogs, Technyflex® Feline for cats, and Mobicosa® Premium Joint Supplement for people!

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