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Selling A Product We Can Believe In

We are proud be the direct importer and distributor of New Zealand's most premium brand of greenlipped mussel products.  Technyflex® is the most trusted name in the equine community for the treatment of inflammation.  The product aids mobility in animals that have previously become sedentary and slow.  Movement is life and life is movement.  With activity comes overall better health, better coat, better disposition and a happier pet, whether it is your show dog, competitive equine, or your lovable loyal companion that is simply your family's best friend.  After hearing testimonies from people who shared how Mobicosa® led them back to a life of mobility, to the unspoken happiness of a beautiful mare galloping hard through a field for the first time in a year, we could not be more proud of what we are bringing to the United States. With so many products that claim to be "the best" greenlipped mussel product, we found that Mobicasa® and Technyflex® have created not just a product, but a brand.  Our supplier, Natural Health New Zealand, believes in no compromise and no short cuts.  The products they produce are tested for purity and held to the highest standards of quality.   We hope you will try these amazing products and will share your results with us.  Thank you for finding New Zealand's Best.