Big Dawg INDESTRUCTIBLE Barbell-Shaped Extra-Tough Chew Toy

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  • Made of heavy rubber in a fun barbell shape, this bouncing, retrieving toy is so tough it comes with a manufacturer’s INDESTRUCTIBLE LIFFETIME GUARANTEE!
  • This toy is so durable that it is ideal for even the most aggressive chewers and for teething puppies. It can take serious abuse during even the roughest play sessions, but if your dog should happen to damage his Big Dawg, don’t worry! Just click this link to get in touch with the manufacturer, RuffDawg™, for a replacement:
  • Big Dawg is made from solid rubber that floats in water, so it’s perfect for fetching at the lake, pool, or beach. It’s waterproof and washable too.
  • Comes in a variety of bright, high visibility colors so it won’t get lost in the grass or pool. (We will choose the color for you.)
  • Gentle on teeth and gums with a springy texture dogs love to chew on.
  • The Big Dawg is 6 inches long by 2.5 inches in diameter, perfect for medium to large dogs.
  • RuffDawg™ brand toys are proudly made in the USA from premium, non-toxic, FDA-approved materials. Recyclable, free of toxic phthalates, latex, and hormone disrupting BPAs.


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