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Technyflex Testimonial for Canine Arthritis – Winnie the Beagle

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A Very Happy Winnie The Beagle

Winnie is an eight year-old 30 pound Beagle who looks forward to her daily walk.

Twelve months or so ago Winnie developed a slight limp which got progressively worse, to the point that she was obviously very uncomfortable and in pain. A vet inspection confirmed arthritis, for which they recommended daily painkillers. I was not keen on this option.

I searched online for a natural health alternative and found quite a number of them. I finally decided on Technyflex because it was high in protein, high in carbohydrates, and appeared to be well-proven as a remedy.

I started Winnie off on two 500mg capsules per day.

After 7 days, Winnie's limping started to gradually lessen. After about 14 days, she had stopped limping completely at which point I reduced her down to one capsule a day. We now have a much happier and energetic dog. I have just placed a second order for the large size of Technyflex Canine capsules to last her for several months.



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