Gwennie The Bobtail & Technyflex® Feline

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"Gwen is a 10 year-old American bobtail. So with her stubby tail she has almost always walked with a limp and hip issues, It made me feel so sad to see her this way. I heard about you from the Conscious Cat and have heard great things about Green Lipped Mussels (I feed my cats Ziwi Peak when I can because it is so good!). I tried Technyflex® Feline Joint Supplement and about a month later she started to be more energetic and limp less. Poor baby has a cardiomyopathy so she is on tons of heart meds, but with that under control and this medication you would never know anything was wrong!"   - Sarah W.

Technyflex® Feline with New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel for healthy joints and improved mobility

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