Preston The Warmblood Benefits From Technyflex®

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I have had my horse Preston on Technyflex for 2 years now. He is a very sturdily built 21 year old warmblood without joint issues. I was looking for an affordable, effective joint supplement that I could give to him as a preventative supplement and a friend recommended Technyflex. There was no drastic change initially, but when I decided to switch him off of it in favor of more "synthetic" supplement a year later, he had an incident that caused lameness and muscle tightness. I don't know if the injury would have happened had he remained on Technyflex, but we haven't had any issues of that kind since (quickly!) switching him back on to it. I love that Technyflex is a supplement that will benefit his whole body and reduce inflammation wherever it may be. Not only is the problem area addressed, but so is everything surrounding it, which is important for a horse prone to muscle issues!

Amanda B. from Ann Arbor, MI

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