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Scooby The Border Collie

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I have a 9 year old Border Collie named Scooby who is terrible to his body. I like to say he has no self-preservation instincts because he will stop at nothing, even bodily harm, to retrieve that tennis ball/stuffed animal/Frisbee. Despite my best efforts to moderate his activity and monitor his soundness while playing, his drive and tendency to mask injuries to keep "working" sometimes lead to overwork and soreness. I knew I needed to find something that could help keep his body healthy and happy as he gets older (and refuses to slow down!!). Technyflex is the only supplement I've found that can keep up with Scooby's intense work ethic. I love that it reduces inflammation in his joints, while also providing inflammation support to his whole body. As an all natural "whole food" I really appreciate its benefits to his overall wellness and his coat and skin look great! He's been on it for 2 years now with our only lay up being during a time when I foolishly switched him off the Technyflex. Once he was injured, we immediately switched back and it helped his recovery tremendously. I will never make that mistake again!! Since switching back, he has not had any major injuries or soreness that a rest day can't fix. Thank you for helping keep my extra hard worker healthy!

Amanda B. from Ann Arbor, MI

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