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My very much-loved mare, Katie Riddle, has always been a picture of health and joy of life, but during the last couple of months she visibly aged by at least 10 years, suddenly looking like a malnourished 30 year old instead of a very healthy 18 year old. None of us could find a reason for that; her nutrition didn't change nor did any other circumstances. All culminated in her not being able to get up one day. Having lost our mare Vivacious just about a year ago to some mysterious disease that affected the nervous system, to say I was worried would be a huge understatement!

After blood tests came back all right, besides showing high levels of inflammation somewhere in her body, and palpation showed nothing besides sore hips whilst the back was perfectly alright, Paul Hatten, one of the most experienced equine vets and luckily a member of our team at SonoVet, suggested we administer Bute (phenylbutazone) for a couple of days to help with the inflammation and to also bring locomotion back to somewhat normal. He also suggested we approach the issue with our "holistic" treatments.

I decided to put Katie on Technyflex, knowing that this would help with the inflammation, reduce fluid build up resulting from the inflammation, and assist in getting back her full range of movement. Katie just finished her first two weeks with Technyflex Equine on the booster dosage of 6g twice daily - and she is almost back to normal!!!! I am absolutely thrilled!! I stopped giving Bute 3 days ago, because she does not seem to need it any more. Slowly, very slowly, weight is coming back on and wasted muscles are starting to rebuild.

We have worked with Technyflex for many years and have seen ringbones the size of a golf ball disappear, retired horses coming back to compete again, and have received many, many great testimonials for this natural product. But most certainly, what it did for our beloved Katie is the biggest proof ever to me!

Written by Beate Lanztsch, world-renowned Equine Sports Therapist, and staff member at SonoVet Equine Sports Therapies in Queensland, Australia.

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