Technyflex® Sponsors Trick Riding Robertson Sisters

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New Zealand’s Best, Technyflex®, and Mobicosa® are pleased to announce our sponsorship of trick riding sisters Angela and Jenessa Robertson.

The Robertson sisters, based in Denver, CO, are a talented pair of ladies who do some incredible tricks and stunts all while riding their horses!  Trick riding is a sport that involves nerves of steel, incredible flexibility, lots of hard work, and some very sore muscles for both the horses and their riders. That’s why Angela and Jenessa's horses are on a regimen of all-natural Technyflex® Equine Premium Joint Supplement to strengthen their joints and reduce painful inflammation, along with Technyflex® Equine Gel for topical relief of joint pain and stiffness.  

To combat their own achy muscles and post-performance soreness, Angela and Jenessa use Mobicosa® Joint Gel for fast-acting, long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation.

 Angela and her horse Ty (Photo courtesy of Kevan Sheppard)

While the secret to becoming a great trick rider is lots of practice and fierce determination, the secret to the effectiveness of Technyflex® and Mobicosa®is a little creature called the New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel.  Greenlipped Mussels are full of healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids, known for their ability to fight inflammation, reduce joint pain, and improve movement. 

Jenessa and her horse Quazar (Photo courtesy of David Kirstein)

So, if you’re ready to get serious about treating your animals’ joint pain or your own, give Technyflex® or Mobicosa® a try!        

Angela and Jenessa are the founding members of The 5280 Trick & Fancy Riding Team.  You can follow them all on Facebook and Instagram.  And stay tuned to learn more about their upcoming adventures!

5280 Trick & Fancy Riding Team:


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