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6 Hand Exercises for Arthritis Sufferers

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Arthritis is a condition that is characterized by pain, stiffness and inflammation of the joints. There are various types of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. In severe cases, paralysis may result. Arthritis treatment is available to help one manage the disease but most times that is as far as it goes; there is no known cure for arthritis. Apart from medication, there are also ways that can be used to control arthritis.

Most of these ways include lifestyle changes in terms of diet, physical activities and mind set.

Hands and arthritis

When arthritis affects the hand joints, it makes the hands painful, making it hard for the patients to perform tasks with their hands. This is because it exploits all the strength from the hands leaving them weak, such that one can’t perform even the simplest of tasks. There is also the pain discourages one even the more. By improving the flexibility of the joints, one can be able to restore the lost strength. There are a number of hand exercises that can be used to ease hand pain that results from arthritis. The good news is they are easy to perform and don’t require too much strength. They include:

1. Bend the fingers

Arthritis and joint pain go together. Joint pain is one of the signs of arthritis. This exercise is used to reduce stiffness in the knuckles. Simply, hold up straight your right hand. Bend the thumb towards the palm of your hand. Let it stay in that position for a couple of second then release. Bend the index finger in the same manner and let it stay that way for a while. Release and repeat the same procedures with all the fingers in your right hand and the left one.

2. Lifting fingers

To perform this exercise, ensure you have a flat table with you or a flat raised place where you can place your hands with much ease. With the palm facing down, place your right hand on table. Lift the index finger off the table. Do this slowly and hold on for some few seconds. Repeat the same procedure for all other fingers for both hands.

3. Vertical Bend

With the same table, vertically place your right hand on it with the thumb facing upwards. Let the thumb remain in the same position then bend all the other fingers towards the wrist. Bend them in such a way that they make an “L” shape. Hold then in that position for a few seconds then release. Repeat 10 times then do the same thing with the left hand.

4. Wrist Exercise

The wrist may also get painful and stiff. To ease this, you will need to exercise it. Hold out your right arm with the palm facing the ground. Using the left hand, gently press down the right hand until you feel a stretch in the wrist. Hold for 5 seconds then release. Repeat ten times then shift to the other hand.

5. Bending the Thumb

To exercise the thumb, hold your right hand straight. Bend the thumb toward the palm. Move it towards the pinky finger. Don’t worry if you can reach this finger but go as far as you can. Hold in for a while then release. Repeat for ten times and perform the same procedure with the left hand.

6. Make a Fist

Whenever your hand feels stiff, perform this exercise. Hold up your right hand and make a fist with the thumb outside. Hold the fist in this position for sometime then release until all the fingers are in a straight position. Repeat for ten times then shift to the left hand.

Conclusion: The above exercise will help you perform with much ease some tasks that require the use of hands. Don’t forget to exercise the entire body for much more relief. Some techniques such as yoga and meditation will also help you get relief both physically and mentally. A positive mindset is especially important when you are dealing with this condition. It will help you respond to treatment better and face the condition in a healthier way. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor for more information about hand exercises if you have arthritis.

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