Retriever Makes Incredible Comeback With Some Help From Technyflex®

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A big congratulations to a fierce competitor and one of our favorite Technyflex® dogs, Hilltop High Society’s Lady Ga Ga (aka “Lady”). Lady recently won first place in the Bluebonnet Retriever Club’s Bluebonnet Open in Anderson, TX. She has 70.5 Open Points with 10 wins, and achieved the honor of U.S. Top Female Open Dog in 2015, and was #2 overall - just half a point shy of being #1 overall in the U.S.

Lady’s performance and results are really extraordinary because she is 9 years old and had been out of competition for the last 2 years as she recovered from a torn ACL. Lady’s trainer, Sylvia McClure, says, “We are very thankful for New Zealand’s Best and feel that the use of Technyflex® Canine with New Zealand Greenlipped Mussels has played an important part in Lady’s comeback.
She runs hard and has tremendous desire, so much so, that other issues pop up as she gets older, so we will continue to use Technyflex to keep her going strong.” Thanks to Lady’s owner, Carma Futhey, for trusting Technyflex to help her beloved competitor!

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Lady the Golden Retriever        New Zealand Greenlipped Mussels packed with inflammation-fighting omega essential fatty acids

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