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My family is from Taiwan, and my grandmother lived into her 90's without ever growing hunched or having a single fracture. Although she didn't eat dairy, she would cook whole fish and after the meat was eaten, she would chew on the fish bones. Our family always thought that was one of her major sources of calcium. While there are lots of calcium pills on the market these days, I know that a lot of them can't be digested or absorbed very effectively. When I saw your product, it struck me, based on my grandmother's experience, that Kalsio+ might be more easily absorbed by my body because it is made from fish bones.

Pauline and her daughter staying strong with Kalsio+

My daughter and I both take Kalsio+ and love it for helping keep our bones strong. I was on an estrogen-suppressing therapy for breast cancer for six and a half years, and as a result, I am at greater risk for bone fractures. But bone scans taken before and after my treatment showed no decline in my bone density. I attribute this to the fact that I took Kalsio+ every day. My daughter is a ballet dancer who dances as many as thirty-five hours a week. She takes Kalsio too and, so far, has remained injury-free despite her intense levels of physical activity.

Pauline's daughter ballet dancer doing split leap

Review By Pauline, Long-time Kalsio+ Customer

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