Mobicosa® Helps Ankle Fracture Recovery

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"I fractured my ankle in March of this year, and my greatest motivation to heal faster and do whatever I could to get better was my dog Mimi. She and I live alone together and she is my best friend. Thanks to finding Mobicosa, I have had such a blessed and amazing recovery from my injury. I started taking the Mobicosa joint supplement and using the Mobicosa Joint Gel, and am happy to report that I am now able to go on walks again with Mimi. Occasionally we even celebrate by sharing some ice cream at our favorite park! My doctor said that I was coming along so great and had such good range of motion and mobility in my ankle that I did not have to do any physical therapy. He released me to begin full weight bearing right away. I feel so grateful and blessed to have found these products. Thank you for helping me along my recovery - Mimi and I are both doing great now and we are so happy and thankful to Mobicosa and New Zealand’s Best!"

Rosa G.

Rosa and her dog Mimi after Rosa's recovery from an ankle fracture

Mimi and Rosa celebrate with ice cream at the park

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