Bronwyne's Back In The Saddle Again Thanks To Mobicosa® & Kalsio+®

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Bronwyne riding her horse again thanks to Mobicosa & Kalsio

At the end of October, 51 year-old Bronwyne MacRea took a serious fall from her horse and was told she may never be able to ride again. “I was riding my mare and then I don’t remember anything else until I woke up in the hospital 48 hours later,” Bronwyne says. She had sustained 7 fractured ribs, a broken pelvis, punctured lung, and 2 transverse fractures of the spine. 

“I was told at the hospital I’d be in traction for a while and then it would be at least 6 months before I’d even be able to sit up properly and move around. And, since I was over 50, I was also told I might never be able to return to the saddle again. This absolutely crushed me since I’ve always had horses and have been riding my whole life. But I was determined this was not going to be the end for me.”

Bronwyne spent a week in intensive care and after her hospital stay, she was eventually was moved to a rehabilitation facility. There she saw patients who had been at the rehab facility for 8 weeks but were barely even moving. Bronwyne said, “I didn’t want that to be me. I’m not that old and I want to be back in the saddle competing just as I did before the accident.”

3 weeks after the injury, x-rays showed that nothing had changed and her surgeon told her to accept the fact that she’d likely be in rehab for 6 months and that she’d probably never ride again. 

“At this point, I remembered there was a joint care supplement called TECHNYFLEX that I had given my old eventing horse. TECHNYFLEX had kept him going for a long time, so I actually started taking TECHNYFLEX EQUINE myself. Eventually I realized there was a human version of TECHNYFLEX called MOBICOSA. Like TECHNYFLEX, it is a joint care supplement made from New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel. A friend also told me about KALSIO+ which is a natural calcium plus vitamin D supplement made from fish bones. I ordered both products at the beginning of December and after only a week, I felt my movement was better, and my physical therapist agreed that I was improving.”

Although the hospital had prescribed painkillers for her to take every day, Bronwyne says she didn’t take any of them. She only took MOBICOSA and KALSIO+.

After 6 weeks, Bronwyne was able to leave rehab. She had more x-rays and a follow-up appointment with her orthopedic specialist, and he stated that her bones were healing well. But, he said he wanted her to wait another 6 months before he saw her again, and he told her, “You won’t be riding for at least a year, and, if and when you do, it will be difficult and may be painful.” Bronwyne was discouraged, but she was still determined. 

“I continued taking MOBICOSA and KALSIO+ faithfully. I didn’t need a wheelchair and I was feeling much better.” Bronwyne was doing so much better, in fact, that she decided to get new x-rays done and scheduled a follow-up with her doctor 4 months ahead of schedule. 

When Bronwyne came into the doctor’s office, he was pleased to see how well she was walking, but he told her he was quite surprised to see her back so soon. After examining the new x-rays, however, he confirmed that there had been a radical improvement during the 2 months since he had seen her. Bronwyne had improved so much that her doctor released her to begin riding her horse again!

“Even after my first ride, I didn’t experience any soreness or discomfort,” Bronwyne said. “My friends teased me when I was taking what they referred to as ‘horse medicine’, but I had the last laugh!

“You know, when you have had a serious accident like I did, your health and well-being become very important to you. I believe taking good nutritional supplements can help you stay active and able to do the things you love. There are many supplement brands on the market, but I know with MOBICOSA and KALSIO+ that I am getting the highest quality possible, not just some second-rate products packed with fillers. 

“Now my husband is even taking the supplements to help his sore knees and shoulders. From now on, MOBICOSA and KALSIO+ will always be part of our daily routine.”

Want to learn more about how the natural anti-inflammatory power of New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel in Mobicosa® and the marine calcium, vitamin D, collagen, and fish bone peptides in Kalsio+® can help your bones and joints stay strong?  CLICK HERE.  

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