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Greenlipped Mussel Minimizes Affects of Pet Vaccinations

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By Celeste Yarnall:

 For most pets, in most states, the rabies vaccine is a legal requirement. (Note: You can request titer blood tests and some veterinarians are receptive today to this idea.)

Here are some suggestions on how to prevent the potentially deadly adverse effects from injectable vaccines, as well as intra-nasal. Please be aware that vaccine reactions often do not happen immediately. Plan ahead, if you can and be prepared! These precautions can be used for people and pets but do clear their use with your doctor or veterinarian who will, hopefully, be open to alternative treatments. If he or she is not, consider making a switch to someone who is. Remember, your doctor or veterinarian works for you. This is a personal service contract, and you have every right to go elsewhere until you find someone whose knowledge and experience is a "fit" with your own.

The following is not intended as medical or veterinary advice but strictly offered for informational purposes:

One hour before vaccination: Administer to your pet a dose of a powerful Omega 3 supplement, preferably one that is from an alternative source of marine lipids, to fish oil, such as New Zealand greenlipped mussel oil. This bi-valve mollusk is known to be a rich source of 33 essential fatty acids; 18 of which are Omega 3. The best scenario would be an Omega 3, marine lipid that is cold-extracted and certified to be free of mercury and pollutants. If the product contains antioxidants with a high ORAC value, and/or is used as its natural preservative, all the better. Sources for quality greenlipped mussel supplements are available online.

Continue with the Omega 3 marine lipid supplementation regularly to prevent inflammatory flare ups, which may occur at any time.

Take a dose of additional antioxidants, such as curcumin and quercetin in particular, because they have been found to block the ability of vaccine adjuvants to trigger a long-term immune reaction.

Immediately before vaccination (or as close as possible): Take a calcium supplement. It needs to contact the mucous membranes of the mouth, so hold it under your tongue or give to pets by mouth; even a tiny bit of a calcium tablet will work.

After an injectable vaccination: Apply a cold or ice pack to the injection site. This will inhibit blood flow to the area and keep the vaccine ingredients from spreading into the blood and surrounding tissues. This is especially important for vaccines that contain adjuvants. Take your own pack with you and apply it immediately.

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